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About Us

Natale Sporting Goods is a member of Sports Inc., one of the largest sporting goods buying groups in the United States. As members, we are able to purchase top-quality merchandise at a significant discount and pass those savings on to you.

Natale Sporting Goods was started in March 1947 by brothers Anthony and Dan Natale in McKeesport, PA. Two years later, Anthony died suddenly of a heart attack leaving the business to be run by his wife, Aileen, and Dan. Over the years the store changed locations in McKeesport until settling at 209 Fifth Avenue in the early 90’s. Today the business is owned by Dan Natale Jr. (a Penn State grad who played tight end under Joe Paterno during the early 70’s), and his wife Diane. The store supplies many local teams, schools, and colleges with custom uniforms and equipment for all of the various sports.


A second store, Dan Natale Sports Center, was opened in August 1977 in Norwin Towne Square in North Huntingdon, PA. The store is co-owned by Dan Natale Jr. and his sister Debbie, who currently manages it. It’s sales are split between team and retail, offering custom uniforms and equipment as well as merchandise for some of the local schools and sports teams.


Services we provide:

We offer many different ways to customize uniforms to your liking and also fit your budget. Below are short descriptions and photos of each to help in your decision making process. Please email us or stop in today to find out which options best suit your needs. (Click on images to view full size)

**Most of our services are outsourced which requires us to have minimums that you must reach before starting an order. Each individual method has a different minimum which is displayed beneath it's description.**

Screen Printing

One of the most common printing methods used today, screen printing utilizes stencils to apply ink onto the materials surface in order to form a design. It is a high quality and durable method that allows for high flexibility in customization and price. Whether you have a logo with one color or many, this is an option that can fit any budget. Recommended for: Shirts, sweats, and uniforms

**Requires a minimum of 12 pieces to start an order**



Machine embroidery is the process of stitching a design into a garments material using a needle and thread. The design is first converted into stitches using a process called digitization before it is finally put to fabric. Recommended for: Polos, uniforms, hats, and bags

**Requires a minimum of 6 pieces to start an order**



Dye sublimation is a printing process that utilizes heat to transfer dyes into light colored polyester materials. It covers the entire garments surface with a high quality design that is smooth to the touch, and will last as long as the fabric itself. Recommended for: Jerseys and singlets

**Requires a minimum of 15 pieces to start an order**


Tackle Twill

Tackle twill, or applique, uses nylon twill to sew pieces of one material onto the surface of another in layers to form a design. It is a cheaper alternative to embroidery that has a lower stitching count but offers the same bold look. Recommended for: Jerseys and hats

**Requires a minimum of 12 pieces to start an order**


Heat Seal Letters/Numbers

Our most popular method for applying names/numbers to uniforms, heat sealing uses special "heat presses" to bond pieces of film to the surface of the garment. It is a cheap but no less durable method which can be used as an alternative to screen printing, or supplement it.

**Requires a minimum of 12 pieces to start an order**


Letterman Jackets

Whether you need extra length in the body or sleeves, want leather or vinyl sleeves, or your nickname instead of your regular name; All of our letterman jackets are customizable to fit your wants and needs.

Stop in to our McKeesport location to get fitted for your letterman jacket today. Letterman pricing is on an individual basis, and is dependent on how many letters are in your name and how many sports you play. All jackets are done at the factory, and take 6-8 weeks (8-10 weeks during the holiday seasons due to increased demand) to complete. We require a $50 deposit when the order is placed, and the remainder to be paid off before pickup.

Schools that we provide letterman jackets for include: Belle Vernon, Elizabeth Forward, Gateway, McKeesport, Montour, Ringgold, South Allegheny, Southmoreland, Steel Valley, and West Mifflin.